SamaTo West African Drum & Dance Ensemble

SamaTo is a traditional West African Drum & Dance Ensemble.


The members of SamaTo are from Guinea, West Africa where they grew up learning traditional performing arts and working with professional “ballets” which are drum and dance troupes that travel and share the traditional music, drum and dance of Guinea. Each member artist has traveled and performed extensively throughout Europe, Africa, and the United States while showcasing their art form.  Traditional music and dance is part of every event and celebration, and artists begin learning by watching others and imitating them.  If they show promise, they may be taken under the wing of an experienced artist who will teach what they know. As they get older, they will begin with the smallest, lowest part, similar to playing 5th chair violin in an orchestra, and will move up as they gain more experience and skill.

SamaTo performs and educates to share the cultural traditions of West Africa.